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Photography Copyright © 2020 Seungha Summer Lee

Saeam Kwon. a ceramist from South Korea, started learning ceramics in 2009. currently based in Berlin, Germany since 2017. Director and maker of an independent ceramic brand, and a freelance pottery instructor.




"I have been constantly motivating to find various ways to work with clays. it can be sculptural or functional. feeling and emotions that are too hard to put into words can be aptly expressed with clay. 

Through my work, I invite you to appreciate the beauty of simplicity, connect with the rich heritage of Korean ceramics, and explore the balance between tradition and modernity. "


2018- Today


Ceramic Artis/ Berlin DE

- Director of the brand

- Freelance wheel throwing instructor @Peace Out Paradise


RYOKO Berlin 

- AELU Tokyo


Photo project with photographer Kristina Schwarzwald

Photo project with photographer Julien Cott

Tea Ceremony in Collaboration with Tea by Yuan


Exhibition : 企画展:韓国若手作家展 한국젊은작가전 @ Aelu Tokyo 17. 03. - 26. 03. 23 

Food Installation : Caique Tizzi

RYOKO Berlin (exclusive collaboration)

Ukiyo Tokyo

The Alchemist Kitchen

KTB Market


s h i z u k u . 

2room magazine

RYOKO Berlin (exclusively designed & produced )

Exhibition : NONFICTION Paris “Language of Light" 16. 09 - 8.10.22

Interview: Letters From Venus 

Exhibition: NONFICTION Seoul “Language of Light" 26. 09. - 17. 11. 22


Truth talk Berlin


Restaurant CHOI

RYOKO Berlin

Group exhibition: Duft der Zeit 27.11.2021- 12.12.2021 @ Project Space KIMGO

Muji Community Market 20.12.2021 - 24. 12. 2021



Restaurant CHOI

The green tiny house

Chef Michael Marius Franz


Zeit Magazin MANN 2/20

MUJI Comunity Market

Delicious Korean week

Roku Berlin x Ginza Magazine

Kreativ Kollektiv

Holly Gastrobar


Wawa Berlin

KNOK store x YUN Berlin

Soapsoop Berlin

NGOKIMPAK K-creator Market


Ceramic Kingdom / Collective Workspace and Art Center, Berlin DE

- Freelance pottery instructor

2016 Nov- 2017 Jan

Residency Potter/  Korean master potter Jungki MIN, Muju KR


Atelier <Et La Terre> / Ceramic Art Studio, Paris FR

- Pottery instructor


Haja Center / Alternative Learning Community and Municipal Art, Seoul KR

- Clay art therapy assistant

- Pottery workshop assistant
- Head of a youth project


AA Ceramics Design / HYWU, Seoul KR

- Majored in Ceramic art


Apprentice / Purunkum Alternative High School, Muju KR

- Apprenticed to a Korean master potter Jungki MIN

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