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I offer customized / personalized stoneware ceramic objects to those who share a similar aesthetic and value with me.  (minimum 4 pieces) 

All items are made one piece at a time by hand, with certain specifications from the customer, either for an individual person or for your business. 

therefore, at least 4-6 weeks of lead time is expected.

+ please keep in mind that the lead time varies depending on the quantity and detail of your order

+++ 3 to 4 months of lead time due to high demand. (updated: 28.12.2022) 

Any inquiries are welcome, you can simply reach out to me through the form below.

+for business purposes, please contact me directly for the estimated price or BTB wholesale price list! 

For Commissions & Customized orders 

Thanks for your request! I will get back to you with the details as soon as possible.

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