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Black stoneware clay, glaze

Hand thrown, fired twice at 900°C and 1250°C. 


φ7.5 x h8.5 cm (±0.5 cm)

Volume: 250-300ml




Black U Cup

58,00 €Price
  • All of my products are made one piece at a time by hand. As a result, minor variations in size, shape, and color, which are common in hand-crafted products, should be expected. This means that the product you receive might differ slightly from the images displayed.

    Every effort is made to ensure that all pieces sold in a set are as closely matched as possible. However, it is not possible to guarantee a perfect match for items you may already own.  Due to these circumstances, we do not accept refunds or exchanges based on these slight variations.

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    Important Considerations:

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    • Handling and clearance fees, if applicable, are also the responsibility of the buyer.
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